Whether you're hosting a wedding / corporate event / birthday party... each of our cameras will add elegance and the perfect vintage aesthetic to your event.  Each booth is set-up to have a LIVE PREVIEW of all the images photographed at your event. Your guests will have fun watching the live slideshow of images while picking out their favorites.  All the photos from your event will be hosted in your own online gallery for you and your guests to download.   

Inquire about your date/event, and we'll get back with availability and pricing... or stop by our studio and check out the cameras and test them out prior to booking!  We have an espresso machine at the studio.  Not bribing you with caffeine or anything, but we can espresso fyi.   

Few of our clients include; Crate and Barrel, Modern Luxury Brides, G&W Soccer Club

Bugbooth is operated by Slack Photography, LLC